Dr. Edward Ming-Yang Wu, Ph.D.

Chair Professor

Dep. Of Civil Engineering, I-Shou University

No.1,Sec.1,Syuecheng Rd.,Daslu District, Kaoshiung City,84001,Taiwan




Professional Experiences

  1. Chair Professor, I-Shou University, Taiwan(2008.2~Now)

  2. President, The Open University of Kaohsiung. (2005.2~2008.1)

  3. Acting Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General to the Mayor, Kaohsiung Municipal Government, Taiwan(1998.1~2005.1)

  4. Director General, Department of Environmental Protection, Kaohsiung Municipal Government, Taiwan. (1995.1~1998.12)

  5. Director General, National Institute of Environmental Analysis, EPA, Taiwan.(1992.1~1994.12)

  6. Director General, National Institute of Environmental Training EPA, Taiwan.(1991.7~1992.1)

  7. Director General, Bureau of Water Quality Protection, EPA, Taiwan.(1989.1~1991.7)

  8. Full time Associate Professor , Department of River and Harbour Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan(1985.8~1989.1)

  9. Adjunct Professor, National Central, Chiao Tung , Kaohsiung First ,Kaohsiung Marine University.(1991~2005)


  1. 1991, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University,U.S.A.

  2. 1985, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

  3. 1982, M.S. in Industrial Management Science, National Cheng-Kung University,Taiwan.

  4. 1972, B.S. in Civil Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan.

Awards and Honors

  1. 1988-Excellent University Textbooks Award-Taiwan Ministry of Education.

  2. 1991-nominated by trustees upon the faculty and President of JHU to the lifetime membership of the Johns Hopkins Society of scholars,The Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.

  3. 1997-The Excellent Research Papers Award-Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.

  4. 1998-The Excellent Public Civil Servants Award-Sun,Yun-Suan Foundation, receiving a grant of NT.$1,000,000 dollars for visiting and conducting academic research in the USA & Canada.

  5. 2008-Executive Yuan, Third-class merit medal (Outstanding University President)

  6. Awarded the Honorary Citizenship Certificate of Baltimore City, Maryland State, U.S.A (in July ,2007)

Research Interest

  1. Water Resources Systems Analysis

  2. Environmental Systems Analysis

  3. Environmental Engineering

  4. Water and Waste Water Treatment Design

  5. Water Resources Engineering

  6. Engineering Projects Evaluation


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